At The Next Lab, we are passionate about spreading innovation and entrepreneurial skills to everyone who can benefit. We are especially passionate about creating more opportunities for first generation immigrants and women in business and tech. 

During the summer of 2016, we held 1-week bootcamps to teach teens the innovation skills necessary to start and build a businesses.  And as is the hope with every experience we design, the results were inspiring.  And we finally have time to share with our larger community what happened. 

Without any prior experience or exposure to entrepreneurship, the teens quickly jumped into a rigorous curriculum and racked up list of accomplishments in a week that most businesses would hope to achieve in a year:

  • Came up with product ideas

  • Developed business models

  • Validated concepts with real customers

  • Designed and built MVP prototypes

  • Developed pitch decks

  • Pitched ideas to a panel of experts and investors

But even with the impressive list of achievements, it was the students’ reactions that meant the most to us:

“The Next Lab provides a great foundation to teenagers who are ready to learn and explore the world of startups. Their innovative approach to let students evolve a business idea and make it real is simply amazing.”

“I love the realistic atmosphere, the new knowledge I gained, the excitement of the challenge. This is a great way to get real world business experience. And it was fun and enriching. Really one of a kind program.”

Many times we’re brought in to help an organization overcome a challenge or work through a complex problem.  All of our services are designed to not only deliver transformational results, but to empower the individuals to recreate those results time and time again.  

Imagine if every student coming out of school shared this ability too?  This lofty ambition ties directly into our greater purpose and helps keeps us motivated and focused to help as many people as possible.